Our Goals

At Provident Financial Consultants, we aim to deliver only the highest level of service to our clients. In order to uphold the high standards you deserve, we have defined four general goals to pursue as we build and strengthen our relationship with you. As your advisor, our mission is to:

ENGAGE with you at every age

Throughout the many stages of life, there are events that can impact you financially. Milestones like getting married, buying your first home, having a baby, funding your child’s education, planning to retire, etc. can potentially impact your financial future. We understand that entrusting someone with your finances is very personal. Maintaining a long-term relationship with you, and keeping you engaged through the financial process, not only allows us to properly guide you on the path to financial independence, but helps you better understand how your money is being managed.

 help you DEFINE realistic long-term financial goals

Many financial themes today are focused on how to “get rich quick,” and fall short on their unrealistic promises. Unlike other firms, we communicate with you to best understand exactly what you envision your financial future to look like. By entrusting us with your goals and concerns for your family, we can better design a long-term financial plan suited to your needs.

help you BUILD a solid financial foundation

To us, financial planning is about much more than just wealth. Rather than focusing on a dollar amount, we focus on how we can help you design a solid financial foundation and work towards your goals, realistically, over time.

 help you PRESERVE your wealth and legacy for future generations

A key component of wealth preservation is planning. Provident is committed to helping you properly plan and preserve your legacy. Whether you would like to pass your wealth on to heirs, participate in philanthropy, or continue to help a family business thrive, we are here to help.

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