<h2>Services: Divorce Financial Planning</h2><br/>

Services: Divorce Financial Planning

We help you navigate through the entire financial transition of divorce. Bonnie Graff, CPA, is a Wealth Advisor with Provident Financial Consultants who specializes in divorce financial planning in the Fox Valley and across the country. She has worked with many individuals and couples from pre-divorce through post-divorce to make the financial transition go as smoothly as possible.

Before the divorce, Bonnie helps you gather and organize important documents, followed by assessing your financial situation. Then she’ll be able to make recommendations about how to best divide your financial investment assets and prepare you for your meeting with your divorce attorney. Once the divorce is final, Bonnie will help you reorganize your finances to help you move forward with confidence. She understands that divorce is never easy, and knows that thoughtful planning can help ease some of the pain.