The History of Provident





 The Early Years

The true history of Provident Financial Consultants, LLC dates back to 1985. This was the year that Provident partner, Bonita L. Graff of Oshkosh WI, became Vice President of Advisory Investment Management, Inc. During this time, Provident partner, Mary P. Wiedenmeier, also of Oshkosh WI, was working in the banking industry. In 1987, Mary obtained her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation. Little did they know that their futures would soon be intertwined to create, not only a lasting friendship, but a financial bond that would last a lifetime. In 1991, Mary joined Fletcher Financial Network as an independent Financial Advisor.

In 1994, Mary and Bonnie met at a financial planning conference and quickly bonded over their mutual vision for quality financial consulting. In 1995, Bonnie joined Mary and the team of advisors at Fletcher Financial Network as an independent Financial Advisor.

Provident Is Formed

As their financial journey continued, Bonnie and Mary realized that they both shared a similar vision; to build a comprehensive and objective financial consulting company that delivers only the highest level of personalized financial service to people living in the Fox Cities area; a company based on trust, integrity and commitment. They made the decision to leave Fletcher Financial Network, and their vision became a reality.

In November of 2005, Bonnie and Mary partnered to officially form Provident Financial Consultants, LLC, based in Oshkosh WI. Two years later, they welcomed financial consultant, Brian J. Petersen, to the Provident team. As the company and team expanded, Provident needed more room to grow. In 2007, Provident broke ground for a new building, and the office was complete and open for business by October of that year.

The Recent Years

Today, Provident Financial Consultants proudly offers a total of 15 team members, including 6 financial advisors in the Fox Valley area, whose mission is to always put clients first. We work hard to always do what is in your best interest. If fact, it is our commitment creed.

Our Future Is Your Future

Our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and objective, comprehensive wealth management strategies that help pursue financial security through all phases of life. At Provident, we believe in cultivating meaningful, lifelong relationships with not only our clients, but their families and heirs as well. We want to make sure that your legacy lives on, with the objective to preserve the financial future of your loved ones. We are excited to grow and continue this journey with you. Let us help you pursue a successful and comfortable financial future.