Provident Shareholder Gains In-Depth Look At Oshkosh Community

Provident Financial Consultants is proud to share that Cassandra Dorn, Financial Consultant with Provident, has completed the Leadership Oshkosh program.  “Leadership Oshkosh is designed to bring together a diverse group of individuals who share a basic interest in and commitment to the Oshkosh community,” states the Oshkosh Chamber website.  As a shareholder in Provident, Cassandra had hoped to learn more about the community and how Provident could make more of an impact within it.

“Being an Oshkosh native, I was so surprised at how thorough this program was and how much I learned about the city of Oshkosh,” shares Cassandra.  “The program really immerses you in all facets of the city, from meeting with government officials, to visiting the prison, to visiting various schools in the community.  I was shocked at the number of resources offered within the Oshkosh community that I was unfamiliar with.”

“Throughout the nine month program, I gained so much information that I’ve been able to share with my employees of how we as a company can be involved in the community and how they can make a difference individually as well,” notes Cassandra.  “The program required a lot of work and a lot of time, but the connections I made with other individuals and the in-depth look at our community are invaluable.  It was a great experience.”