Provident CEO Elected to Alma Mater’s Board of Trustees

As someone who has always been involved in the community and given back throughout the years, we are excited to share that Bonnie Graff, Provident Financial Consultants’ co-founder and CEO, has been elected to the Board of Trustees of her alma mater, Lakeland University.  “My belief is that education is crucial for developing your skills and succeeding professionally.  I have found that my education at Lakeland University served me very well, and I’m grateful for this opportunity to give back to the university,” Bonnie shares. 

As a member of the board’s Finance Committee, Bonnie will help oversee the financial health of the university.  She will also be involved in various projects throughout her six year term, one of which she is particularly looking forward to.  “Lakeland University has undertaken a very challenging, yet incredibly admirable project, which is to create a program that will enable every student to graduate with little to zero student debt,” Bonnie commented.  “The student debt levels in this country are staggering, limiting growth both professionally and personally.  The amount of debt students are incurring is keeping them from buying a home and being able to start a family.  For those who are deterred from higher education altogether because of the costs, they’re settling for a job and not getting the chance to pursue a career they’re passionate about.  I’m proud of Lakeland University for tackling this issue, and while it will prove to be quite challenging, I’m excited to be involved.”

“Initiatives and programs like the Cooperative Education program make me proud to be a Lakeland University graduate.  I’m deeply honored to be given this opportunity to be involved in the continued success and growth of the university,” Bonnie said.