Provident Financial Co-Founder Retires

Retirement is a milestone that our financial advisors have helped so many people in the Fox Valley prepare for and transition through.  Now, it is bittersweet for us to share that one of our co-founders, Mary Wiedenmeier, is reaching that very same milestone.  “Retirement is something that I’ve worked toward and planned for, and I’m really looking forward to this next stage in life,” shares Mary.  “I was able to phase into retirement, which I think helped immensely with this transition, making it easier for both myself and for my clients.  Now I’m really looking forward to traveling this summer and spending more time in the garden, a favorite hobby of mine.”

Mary has been in the financial planning industry for 27 years in Oshkosh, and was in banking for 17 years before that.  “That’s a lot of years when you look at it that way,” chuckles Mary.  “But I always enjoyed what I was doing, which made getting up and going to work each day so easy for me.  I can say with confidence that the people I’ve been surrounded by over the years, my co-workers and clients, played a big role in that enjoyment, and are the part I will miss the most.”

“I’ll also miss having a voice in the decisions made at Provident Financial Consultants.  While I had never dreamed of owning a business, it was a step that made sense when Bonnie and I went into business together and created Provident,” Mary recalls.  “We work well together, play off of each other’s strengths and make a strong team.  And I think most importantly, having worked together previously, we truly trust and respect each other.  Stepping away from what we’ve built is hard, but it’s time and I am ready.”

“I’ve always admired Bonnie’s ability to plan for the future of the business.  That ability and the addition of Brenda Rolli and Cassandra Dorn as shareholders gives me so much confidence in the future of Provident Financial Consultants,” said Mary.  “They’re all very forward thinking and innovative individuals, and most importantly, they always put clients’ needs first.  After all, that was the foundation that Bonnie and I built Provident on.  We’re both firm believers that if you’re skilled in something, you should use that talent to help others.  That’s why I love what I’ve done the past 27 years, helping my clients work toward their financial goals and reach their milestones is incredibly rewarding.”

We wish Mary the best retirement has to offer, and are sure you’ll see her out and about, as she’s let it slip that she’ll be ready to start volunteering in the community this fall.