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8 Financial Planning Tips For Nurses

While nurses typically enjoy a higher level of job security, it's still vital to have a good foundation of financial planning in place look toward the future...
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Combatting Forces Working Against Investment Strategy

While you and your financial consultant are creating your investment strategy, there are two factors in particular that work against investor returns to take into consideration and those are market timing and taxes," shares Brenda Rolli, AAMS and Financial Consultant with Provident.
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Provident Sponsors Money Matters Program For Boys and Girls Club

Cassandra Dorn also shares 3 money lessons every high school graduate should know, in addition to discussing the Money Matters program the Boys and Girls Club offered to local teens...
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Provident CEO Elected to Alma Mater’s Board of Trustees

We are excited to share that Bonita L. Graff, Provident Financial Consultants’ co-founder and CEO, has been elected to the Board of Trustees of her alma mater, Lakeland University. “My belief is that education is crucial for developing your skills and succeeding professionally...
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New Child Tax Rebate

“As a mother of three, I understand how every little bit can help," says Cassandra Dorn, CFP. "Last March, a child tax rebate passed through the Wisconsin State Legislature and it’s definitely something you’re going to want to get on board with...
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Provident Financial Co-Founder Retires

Provident Financial Consultants' co-founder, Mary Wiedenmeier, is retiring in May. "I can say with confidence that the people I’ve been surrounded by over the years, my co-workers and clients, played a big role in that enjoyment, and are the part I will miss the most...
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Annual Shredding Event For Provident Clients

For Provident clients, we'll be holding our annual shredding event. “We encourage you to take the time to organize your financial records and discard old records at this event,” commented Jacob Merk.
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8 Things To Know About A Health Savings Account

If you have a high deductible health insurance plan, opening an HSA is an ideal way to help pay for medical expenses. Here are 8 perks and facts, including contribution limits.
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Avoid Falling Victim To A Tax Scam

This time of year people need to be on high alert for potential tax scams. Here are several tips from the IRS to help avoid being a victim of tax scam...
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2018 Focus Charity

Each year, the Provident Financial Consultants team chooses a focus charity. Several of our team members will say, along with many of our clients, what an important role their pets play in their lives. Those special connections played a big role in selecting our 2018 Focus Charity...
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6 Steps To Get Financially Organized

“The new year is a great time to sit down and really take a look at your finances,” says Wealth Advisor, Brenda Rolli. "These six steps are a great way to to learn how you're spending your money and put your financial priorities into perspective...
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